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Thank you for donating to EcoSource Native Seeds and Restoration. Your donations are being used to make a fundamental change in the ecosystems of the western US. That fundamental change is converting rural communities from a natural resource-use economy to a natural resource-improving economy. EcoSource uses your donations to start and support new businesses in native seed collection, cleaning, growing, and storage. We also foster the development of businesses using native seeds to restore native plant communities and ecosystems in the Northern Great Basin. Your donations are used to build the infrastructure and businesses needed to restore degraded and invaded range and wild land ecosystems. EcoSource is building the next new economy for rural communities, while offering local agriculturalists opportunities to produce a crop that uses substantially less ground water than current irrigated crops. You are helping us save rural frontier communities and restore our treasured environment for future generations.

Thank you in advance for your generous support that helps rural communities help themselves. The change to a resource improving economy is central to the conservation of rural America and our ecosystems.

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