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What We Do

Help with Business Agreements, Contracts/Subcontracts, and Marketing

EcoSource Native Seeds and Restoration works to create opportunities for businesses through Agreements and Subcontracts. If you are interested in our opportunities, please join here, or contact us here.

EcoSource Native Seeds & Restoration makes portions of large cooperative agreements and contracts available by subdividing the work into a series of linked subcontracts for its members.  Many native seed production and restoration contracts are far too large and complex for most small businesses to complete as a sole operation.  EcoSource competes for small and large cooperative agreements and contracts for all aspects of native seed production and restoration. Once an agreement or contact is acquired, we subcontract that work among our members to complete each portion of it. In this way, EcoSource can create opportunities otherwise unavailable contract to its members. If you would like to participate in subcontracting join here.