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EcoSource Native Seed & Restoration Good and Services List


Seed Collection

Identify biotype collection site by waypoint and ecological site description

Monitor species/biotypes phenology and seed development preparing for collection

Collection of seeds from desired species/biotypes/locations

Post-collection seed drying by species/biotypes/locations


Seed Cleaning

Remove debris, or unwanted seeds, and shriveled and damaged seeds

Remove awns for drill seeding

Test seeds for moisture and further drying if necessary

Test seeds for purity, viability and germination

Bag seeds with appropriate EcoSource labels


Seed and plant Production (using proprietary strategies)

Grow biotypes and harvest on small-scale for larger-scale planting 

Grow biotypes and harvest on large-scale for restoration

Apply dormancy breaking procedures when necessary

Grow biotypes for transplanting (especially sagebrush species)


Seed Storage

Store seeds at appropriate temperatures

Monitor germination and viability during storage


Seeding and Restoration 

Site assessments

Ecologically-based restoration planning 

Site Preparation (including rodent and weed control)

Aerial seeding using safe-site indicator system

Drill seeding using most up-to-date seeding equipment

Monitoring for adaptive management

Large-scale transplanting of nursery plants



Best seed production strategies

Best seeding and restoration strategies