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Partnering for Restoration

Why Partner with EcoSource? 

If you enjoy nature and support ecological restoration using diverse, locally adapted native vegetation, one of the most exciting things you can do is become a partner of EcoSource Native Seeds & Restoration! As a partner, you can stay up to speed on all the native seed production and restoration projects and programs in we are working on in the Sage-Steppe ecosystems. EcoSource is always in need of volunteers as we focus on the future development of  new businesses in seed production and large landscape restoration. Our ultimate goal is to foster small businesses in a Restoration Economy utilizing native seed. If you are interested in collecting native seeds, cleaning them, growing native plants for seed production, or doing actual restoration for a living, EcoSource would welcome your assistance..


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We invite you to become a partner or volunteer member of EcoSource Native Seed & Restoration. Here's what you get:

Educational training- Basic and master training in native plant seed production, plant production, and restoration procedures. 

Volunteer opportunities- Rewarding opportunities to help in native seed production and restoration in Sage-Steppe Ecosystems..

Job Opportunities-We occasionally hire dedicated people to help with our seed production program and to conduct restoration activities. 

Native Seed & Restoration news- EcoSource Native Seeds and Restoration provides web-based articles that shares up-to-date information about  our current projects in native seed and restoration, including new research on growing native seeds and restoring range and wildland systems.   

Who should join?

Anyone interested in keeping up with ecological and economic issues in the Northern Great Basin Sage-Steppe ecosystems should be interested in becoming a partner of EcoSource Native Seeds and Restoration. EcoSource Native Seed & Restoration will be especially helpful if you are interested in getting involved or thinking about starting a new business in native seed collection, cleaning seeds, growing native seeds for restoration, or shovel ready restoration work.