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Improving Rural Economies and Natural Resources

What We Do

Fostering the Native Seed and Restoration Industry

EcoSource General Concept

EcoSource Native Seeds & Restoration (EcoSource) is a nonprofit organization that helps rural communities make the transition from natural resource consuming to natural resource improving economies. We foster the development and continuous growth of all aspects of the native seed collection/production and restoration industry in the wild-land frontier ecosystems of the northern Great Basin. We work closely with entrepreneurs and new businesses by 1) connecting them with Harney County Economic Development and other business advisors to create a business plan and help get start-up capital. Then, 2) we work with entrepreneurs to get business agreements and contracts/subcontracts to initiate business activities. EcoSource offers 3) operational knowledge, facilities, equipment, and training to ensure that all aspects of seed collection, grow-out, storage, delivery, monitoring and/or seeding are all available and linked among businesses to maximize success. We offer a seed production and a seed growing "certification" program that provides confidence that operators are well-prepared to provide excellent service to their customers. EcoSource provides storage facilities and a well-developed marketing program for seeds that are available for sale on the open market. EcoSource intends to develop a branding and seed growing program that gives seed buyers and restorationists confidence in all of our services and products. As much as possible, our focus is to provide native plant seeds to restorationists that are genetically similar to the areas they are intended to be used. This is a unique aspects of EcoSource. We work with growers from areas the seeds are collected to grow enough seeds for landscape scale restoration. Once seeds are available, EcoSource works with buyers to develop and implement the most scientifically-based restoration programs. If you are interested in starting a business in any aspect of native seed collection or in working with us to get the native plant seeds you need, please join here.